What Is e-Strategy?

When I first started my digital marketing consultancy back in the 90s, e-Strategy was short for "electronic strategy" but also, informally, the "e" was a reference to my last name, Erickson.

But over time, the idea of e-Strategy has evolved to become educational strategy. With the world's information at their fingertips, consumers have acquired an aversion to interruption marketing, preferring on-demand answers to their questions over sales pitches.

e-Strategy is the practice of matching bottom line organizatonal goals to the audiences that will fullfill them by understanding how to satisfy customer's  educational needs by providing the answers that lead to conversions.

In short, e-Strategy is content strategy. Since 1995, it always has been about attracting and building targeted audiences with content.

In the beginning, it was attracting client audiences with websites and email content. And as the internet evolved, so too did the educational content strategy, to include attracting customers through search engine and social media optimization.

A successful e-Strategy combines a thorough understanding of the technology and communication channels your target audience uses with content they need in the format they want throughout each step of their customer journey.

In addition to building audiences and creating strategic content on behalf of clients, e-Strategy Media also publishes the following digital properties: